Seren Academy bridges the gap between  international nurses/carer’s needing to explore the opportunity of work overseas and the shortage of healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom.

Seren Academy had developed training material, both on and offline, to upskill nurses and individuals as professional carers specifically for the UK market.

Andrea McCarter, founder of Seren Academy, is not only a qualified nurse, who spent 18 years in the care sector in the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe, and South Africa, she is a person with a passion for helping and uplifting others.

The Seren Academy training course/material comes with a unique set of benefits, setting itself apart from other caring courses.  This includes a strong drive to embracing equality, diversity and transformation ensuring everyone feels equal and important regardless of background or lifestyle. The differences between people and treating people’s values, beliefs, cultures, and lifestyle with respect is of paramount importance.

The training provided speaks to various carer positions within the United Kingdom including but not with standing:

  1. Live in Care

Live in care means having a fully trained carer, living with you in the comfort of your own home and providing the care and support you require.
There are countless benefits to having a live-in carer, but one of the biggest benefits is the ability to remain independent and comfortable in your own environment.

  1. Respite Care

Respite Care provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver or family member.  This enables you to take a much needed break from the demands of sick, aging, or disabled family member.

  1. Companionship Care

Our Carers are trained to encourage mental stimulation, positive thoughts, reminisce memories, general friendship, and general fellowship.  Having a companion in life helps keep the mind active and prevents social isolation.

  1. Convalescent Care

Convalescent Care is for people who are recovering from surgery, acute illness and need care and support to rest.  This is normally a short-term solution.

  1. Domiciliary Care

Our Carers are trained offering a range of services to support and care for an individual in their own home.

  1. Palliative / End of Life Care

This care improves the quality of life of someone facing a life-threatening condition or is living in the last months or years of their life.  It includes physical, emotional, and spiritual care.

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