About Us

Seren Healthcare was born out of the need to bridge the gap between the shortage of healthcare professionals in the UK Healthcare sector and the lack of work globally.

Based in the UK and South Africa, Seren Healthcare boasts a collective 60 years of experience in our chosen field.

We specialize in providing highly skilled International healthcare professionals from around the globe, the opportunity to apply their talents in the UK Health Sector.

How to become a nurse in the UK
  1.  South African nurses upload the required documents including their CV here.
  2. Candidates get a compliance telephone call or participate in a video meeting to verify original documents.
  3. A clinical interview is set up with potential UK nursing employers.
  4. In addition, SA nurses must also register themselves with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
NMC Registration and Vacancy Requirements

All nurses trained outside of the UK and EEA are required to be on the NMC’s Register.  This allows the NMC to compare the professional nursing training in South Africa with that required in the UK.

The registration is through a 2-part process:

  • Part 1 sis a computer-based, multiple-choice assessment which you must access and complete from your hometown before travelling to the UK
  • Part 2 is a practical objective structure clinical examination (OSCE) which is held in the UK only. We are currently negotiating with the NMC for SA nurses to take the test in their hometown.

NMS registration does not require SA nurses to complete a specific supervised practice period.  You can learn more about the NCM application on their website.

Professionally trained SA nurses, looking to work in the UK, as a nurse, must meet the English language standards as per NMC’s requirements.  This is done, either by successfully completing the IELTS (International English Testing System) or OET (Occupational English Test).

At Seren Healthcare, we require candidates to take either the IELTS assessment with a test result of band 7 or OET with a minimum achievement of a level B.

In addition, you must have a current professional registration as a nurse, and have a minimum of 1 year post-registration experience.

What do the barriers to entry look like?
  • right to work
  • job offers
  • financial
  • visas
  • understanding how the UK works
  • accommodation
  • bank accounts
  • travel within the UK
Removing Barriers

Not only do we strive and endeavour to ensure that nurses are placed in an organisation where they are valued, we remove the barriers to entry, when relocating to the UK.

Removing the barriers

Seren Healthcare removes these barriers by offering a comprehensive service including, but not withstanding; –

  • Sponsorship – To apply for a UK Skilled Worker visa, you must have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) from an employer with a sponsor licence.
  • Job Offer – Seren Healthcare engages with all the verticals of the healthcare sector in the UK.
  • Financial – This has proven to be one of the biggest barriers to entry. The inability to pay for visa, flights, and accommodation.  Seren Healthcare ensures that all these costs are covered enabling the healthcare professional to not only explore the opportunities within the UK but have total peace of mind on arrival.
  • Visa – Seren Healthcare or the employer will apply for the visa on your behalf
  • Understanding how the UK works – Seren Healthcare has a team of South Africans who have taken the leap in either immigrating into the UK or simply working here for a period. You will meet one of our team members online during the interview process to discuss in detail your move to the UK and to answer any questions you may have.
  • Accommodation/Bank Accounts/Travel/Cell Phone – One of our South African team members will meet you at the airport and take you to your already booked accommodation. From there, they will help you in every way to get settled.